flightless bird
flightless bird

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I only write when I am falling in love, or falling apart.
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I trace your lips,
watching your innocent eyes wander,
trespassing into closed off rooms,
exposing yourself to the darker corners,
letting your mind submerge you into another reality.
Recollections shutter beneath your eyelids,
tears crystalize on your cheek,
on your soft skin,
thats how I know I’ve lost you.
You only last a few footsteps through your thoughts,
I watch you rip apart your mind,
you’re so far away.
Tell me, what do you see?
You cant help yourself,
it’s like heroin to you,
leaving your body.
Finding somewhere that you know you shouldn’t be.
Let your subconscious repair you.
Where I had once seen galaxies in your eyes,
the stars appear to have been burnt out.
“Shake me from this nightmare”.
You convince yourself you created it in your head,
you were asleep,
it was a dream.
I wait to hear the sound of your breathing moderate,
it soothes me to sleep,
as I try to match your rhythm,
we drift away together.
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Back home, the girls are not soft —
they pit peaches with their teeth,
drink sadness like they’re starving.

They always dance alone,
listen to songs with lyrics
about strawberry wine.

They blossom like beer bottles,
wear october on their shins,
split open, screaming —

a foreign rose
just aching
for a fight.

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